If you work in an office or sit (or stand) at a computer, chances are you spend time writing emails. Lots of time. Maybe a shitload of time.

And you know what else?

Those emails are WASTING YOUR TIME.

  • Maybe you angst over the tone (don’t want to sound like a dick)
  • Maybe you’re detail oriented and you need them to understand ALL THE THINGS but you write so much they don’t even read it
  • Maybe you are sick to death of chasing people who don’t reply
  • Maybe you’re sick to death of going back to clarify, or repeat yourself, or repeat yourself, or repeat yourself (“as per my previous email…”)
  • Maybe you’re just terrified of what people will think. How you’ll sound. That you’ll look less professional or less intelligent or less ANYTHING you want/need to be at work
  • Maybe none of those. Maybe you JUST. WANT. TO. GET. SHIT. DONE.

You’re way too smart to keep wasting time on ineffective emails.

You could be writing those emails better. Faster. More purposefully. More EFFECTIVELY.  It’s MAGICAL once you realise how much a well-written email can influence your reader’s behaviour.

And I read aaaaaaall kinds of advice about how to write better emails. Grammarly has about 50 blogs on it. All of them try to teach you how to be a wordsmith, and sculpt more prose. But you’re not a freaking author. You’re not writing novels. That advice PISSES ME OFF because it will slow you down.

They also tell you you can choose just the right words to get just the right tone. But that relies on people reading your email word for word which they WON’T. And it completely ignores everything we know about neurolinguistics and emotional leakage (sounds messy. And it is.) because the more words you use, the more people will think they can read between the lines and pick up on some subtle tone or emotion which may or may not exist but it’s out of your control.

Faaaaaaaak, don’t let them lie to you!

I have a science-based, research-proven approach to writing an email that WORKS. You don’t need to be a wordsmith. You don’t need to write fluffy, flowery stuff. The exact opposite.

Write less. Get more results.

Use these powers for good, y’all – cos you’re about to Get Shit Done.


By the end of this course, you’ll:

  • understand how readers behave at work (spoiler alert – they skim-read)
  • know how to write the MOST skim-read-able messages
  • have insight into the psychology of how humans interact with words
  • use that insight to use reader psychology to your benefit
  • know how to use neuroscience to literally influence which parts of the brain a reader uses when they read your email
  • create structure that uses that neuroscience to get you better, faster outcomes
  • basically be an emailing ninja

We’ll cover:

  • Subject lines – that prime real estate in someone’s inbox where the conversation actually starts but you’re putting dumb things like “Scan Data from FX-9E9734” (insert face-palm emoji here)
  • Greetings – you think you know how to say hi. You don’t.
  • How to sign off – (see above)
  • How not to sound like a douche
  • How to get someone to ACTUALLY READ YOUR EMAIL, using what we know about the psychology of how humans interact with text
  • How to get someone to REPLY. Like NOW. Using neuroscience – because we can actually influence what part of the brain your reader uses when they read your email (yes, we have ninja-level manipulation – I mean influencing – skills)

I literally had someone tell me recently that after a year of using these emails she stopped because she felt so manipulative. Everyone was replying. Everyone was saying yes to things she asked for. Everyone was sending her the stuff she needed. She felt like she had an unfair advantage!


Let’s get that unfair advantage, shall we?

What you get and how it works:


10 VERY SHORT (and frankly, entertaining) videos

Watch them all in one short sharp hit, or work through them as you feel like it. Like when you’re feeling stabby and need to get your mind off John the office dickhead. Or when you want to email that client and say career-ending things. Or instead of eating on a coffee-break cos you’re doing intermittent fasting (and how did the day get so loooooooong?).


A step-by-step guide to writing even the trickiest emails

Like the NO email.

Or the push-back email.

Or the let-them-down-gently email.

Or the yes-fine-I-still-don’t-like-you-but-look-at-me-being-civil-like-a-boss-anyway email.

Or the read-my-lips-while-I-speak-slowly-these-are-not-hard-instructions-but-you’ll-get-them-wrong-anyway email.

Or the you’re-up-the-foodchain-from-me-but-I-still-need-you-to-hear-that-you’re-wrong email.

Or just your standard I-need-you-to-do-this-thing-but-I-don’t-want-to-sound-like-an-ass email.

I’ll give you 10 steps to follow. That’s just so you can learn the process. Once you’ve used it a few times, it gets easy. Like, next-level easy. Like “pitch for and win $60k work in a 3-minute email” easy.


Downloadable PDF resources so you have reference examples

  • To get the magic of these emails you need to SEE and FEEL how they work
  • I got you, boo.

Confidence. And speed. I’m not kidding. 

The way you’ll rock through your emails now will be mind-blowing. You’ll write FAST with next-level confidence. No more reading and re-reading your emails before you hit SEND with a cold sweat on your brow. Your clients/manager/colleagues/stakeholders/whoever you’re emailing will see a person who doesn’t muck around, knows their shit, can be trusted to be efficient and up-front, and basically is the epitome of all things professional.

I’ve known people to get promotions and raises because of these emails.

Want some of that?

Who’s Shelly?

Shelly Davies is a New Zealand-based corporate and government writing trainer (OK, that’s me, so we’ll stop with the third person, k?).

Here’s what you need to know about me:

  • I’ve been writing and teaching people how to write (in business, government, and at universities) for nearly 30 years
  • I’ve been publishing for that long, too
  • I’ve got the quals (teaching, Master’s, all that jazz)
  • I train lawyers, pilots, engineers, insurance peeps, bankers, CEOs, scientists, business analysts, project managers, and just generally PEOPLE WHO WORK IN OFFICES!
  • So, I know words. Words for reports and policies and manuals and marketing and websites and comms and million-dollar pitches and funding proposals
  • I’m unconventional (obviously) and what that means for you is NOT BORING
  • I know my shit. People love me. And they pay me $6k per day for my trainings. So you, m’love, are getting an absolute STEAL with this course at this price.

It’s time to get shit done.

I had no idea a simple email could influence someone’s behaviour SO MUCH.

(Interested in this course as a corporate solution? Contact me for a bulk discount.)


US 197

Quick and easy

one-time payment

  • 10 short sharp videos you can watch in one hit or a few minutes each day
  • step by step instructions you can apply immediately
  • a never-fail formula to apply to EVERY KIND of email
  • downloadable PDF examples of emails that work like magic
  • increased productivity and a reputation for getting shit done!
US 55 x 4

Slow and gentle

weekly instalments

  • 10 short sharp videos you can watch in one hit or a few minutes each day
  • step by step instructions you can apply immediately
  • a never-fail formula to apply to EVERY KIND of email
  • downloadable PDF examples of emails that work like magic
  • increased productivity and a reputation for getting shit done!
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